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Vapor-Tron is TapeWrm Audio’s mega-chorus effect on devilish steroids!  Chorus pedals take the original sound and then add extra versions, with almost identical properties, but at slightly different pitches and times.  By adding chorus to any sound or instrument, you can fatten it up to make it larger, thicker, and more earth-shattering.  Like a choir at a church, adding ‘voices’ gives you a deep richness as various performers join in song.  Even top guitar pedals have only 4 or 8 voices – Vapor-Tron gives you up to 16 voices at once, taking your sound from ghostly thin to demonically fat.  Our church, however, tends to the more satanic side – with an added distortion feature that crunches and crushes those voices like those poor souls trapped in the inferno!  Vapor-Tron contains over 10 controls to tweak, along with multiple waveforms to craft the perfect, syrupy – and even distorted – sound for your latest track!

View a sample video of this plugin below or click here.