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Black Plague


Like its namesake, Black Plague takes your hum-drum audio track and infects it with a bone-crushing, fear-inducing sound – totally tweakable to your taste!  The left side of the panel inserts a top-quality bit crusher into the source, producing a lo-fi distortion effect by artfully reducing the resolution of the audio and squeezing the bandwidth.  A lowpass filter adds a resampling effect, taking the sound into an entirely scary dimension!  The right side of the panel adds a distinctive flanger effect – yet you maintain full control of the speed, amount, and feedback so that you can dial in just the right combination of crush and flanger. Finally, to add salt into your musical wound, we’ve placed an overdrive and distortion effect in the dead center. Crush, flange, and distort your sound until it begs for mercy.  Each side contains a wet/dry mix knob, taking your sound from harmless to harmful!

View a sample video of this plugin below or click here.