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TapeWrm Audio

At TapeWrm Audio, we have a vision.  After surveying the audio plug-in landscape, Daniel, a 15-year-old musician, composer – and our company founder – discovered that an entire ecosystem of audio effects was nowhere to be found: super creative sound-shaping elements that are both fun and simple to use.  Tools for DJ’s, composers, musicians, and producers that don’t want to be bogged down in menu diving or endless learning curves.  High quality plug-ins that are simple to engage – and effects you won’t find anywhere else.

From that seed of an idea, TapeWrm Audio was born.  Definitely not your father’s plug-in company.  Smash your sound and put it back together.  Rip it apart and make it bang.  Don’t follow the path everyone else is taking, and instead be your own leader.  That has been Daniel’s mantra since he founded the company, and all of us at TapeWrm Audio work every single day to find completely new ways to enhance your musical creations.

TapeWrm:  Hooked on Better Music