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Blue Whale


Blue Whale is our larger-than-life, shimmery reverb for adding depth and realism to any stem or track. Like its namesake, there are none better or bigger in the vast ocean of audio plug ins. Reverb arises naturally when a sound impacts a surface – floors, walls, and ceilings — and bounces back to the listener at slightly different times and volume to create an intricate echo, which tells the audience about that physical space.

Blue Whale is the last reverb you will ever need because it does it all – everything from adding hints of a live room to your song, to giving you the washed-out echo of your dreams. We decided to go further, however; our Blue Whale can be dangerous, leaping high out of the water and crashing into unsuspecting boats, smashing them to pieces. TapeWrm Audio’s version of the Blue Whale – the king of the audio seas – adds high quality distortion to the signal path. You can let the Blue Whale calmly roam the waters, adding deep, wavy reverb to your sound, or you can ride it into full-on distortion and overdrive, crushing your audio like a doomed, sinking ship. Reverb plus Distortion in one plug in? Heck yeah, that’s exactly what we’ve created.

Blue Whale is both comprehensive and easy to use. A waveform panel provides immediate visual feedback. You can select the size and width of the room, how much damping the walls provide, gate the tail of the reverb, control the amount of dry and wet signals, and even add a touch of gain if needed. Finally, you can smash the reverb with distortion to invent your own sound. With our unique Stages button, you can select up to three levels of overdriven distortion for maximum hard-core goodness!

View a sample video of this plugin below or click here.