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TapeWrm Audio, a newly created audio software company, will launch its offerings on May 1, 2020, exclusively via its online web shop at TapeWrm Audio was the brainchild of its 13 year old founder, a multi-instrumentalist known as Kill the Kitty. Researching the landscape of audio plug-ins and VST’s, he noticed a glaring deficiency in the market: easy to use sound effects that enhance the quality, differentiate the track, and grab the listener’s attention.

Working with a team of American industry professionals and European software designers, he designed a suite of plug ins to work either independently or together to maximize the universe of sound design and creativity. And the kicker? The plug ins are totally affordable and within reach of all levels of music composers and producers.

As our company continues to grow, we will introduce a wide range of audio plug ins and virtual instruments, each of which will push into new sonic territory. If you are comfortable with your existing plug ins and sound design capabilities, TapeWrm Audio is not for you. If, however, you are sick of producing tracks that sound exactly like everyone else’s — and if you don’t mind smashing your sound and putting it back together in a totally new way — come join us on our journey.

TapeWrm Audio: Hooked on Better Music