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At TapeWrm Audio, we like to mix it up, try things in a new way. We do not want to create hardware emulations of old equipment; those days are over.

Our initial suite of plug-ins includes super creative combination effects, which are light on CPU usage and heavy on musical possibilities. For our first round of offerings, we have created four incredible effects. Our most crushing, creative, crazy plug-in is Black Plague. Be careful with this crazy effect suite!

Black Plague is our full-bore, machine gun attack on your sound. The left side of the panel inserts a top-quality bit crusher into the source, producing a lo-fi distortion effect by artfully reducing the resolution of the audio and squeezing the bandwidth. A lowpass filter adds a resampling effect, while the right side of the panel adds a distinctive flanger effect – yet you maintain full control of the speed, amount, and feedback so that you can dial in just the right combination of crush and flanger. We even included an overdrive and distortion effect in the dead center. Crush, flange, and distort your sound to the bitter end. Take a bass line and make it unique; turn your drums into a gritty attack on your listener; flange a vocal chop to turn it other-worldly.

Check out the product video for Black Plague:

As we have noted before, if you are comfortable with your existing plug-ins and sound design capabilities, TapeWrm Audio is not for you. If, however, you are tired of producing tracks that sound exactly like everyone else’s — and if you don’t mind crushing your sound and putting it back together in a totally new way — come join us on our music and software journey.

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